Kress Jack At Home

Yes, we’re an interior designer firm, and yes, we’re quite a bit more. Led by Kress Jack, our crew remodels, designs, consults, project manages, sources, refurbishes, styles, and juggles it all. Often the first people on the job, capturing your hopes and dreams, and the last to leave, hanging art, styling shelves, and ensuring you’re thrilled to be home.

We hear time and again, that every person that we partner with is a welcomed addition to our clients’ home. Trust is baked into us and the way we work. With that, we move creativity, gracefully, and with momentum – mixing old and new, our aesthetic with yours. Layering exquisite textiles with collected art, varied materials with pops of the unexpected, we create homes you never knew you could love so much.

We quote you a fixed fee that we agree to, up front. With this, you know from beginning to end, your cost. It’s a refreshing way to do business (we think you’ll agree).

Our Posse

Kress Jack

Kress is a passionate designer with envious style, a free spirit, and a flair for color. Vintage shopper, expert scout, frequenter of flea-markets, she’s a master at mixing old and new, her aesthetic with yours. Layering exquisite textiles with collected art, varied materials with pops of the unexpected – for well-curated homes that celebrate the lives within.


Denise is from NYC, which automatically makes her cool. Add to that: a Masters in Fine Arts,  the work she’s shown in Boston, New York, Washington, and throughout the Bay Area; the art classes she’s taught; and the clothing boutique she’s owned. All this experience in art, design, and fashion makes her a pretty great addition to the team, as design assistant.


Natasha was raised in San Francisco, California by a creative mother(a.k.a. Kress) who introduced her to vintage shops and galleries before she could crawl. She has
carved a name for herself as an independent stylist with soul, who brings a unique combination of  California cool and an impeccably trained eye to all her projects.


Craftsman by trade, furniture designer for life… Boris has been working in several mediums throughout his career, but stonework is his passion. Natural Stone mirrors his core virtues – character, integrity and timelessness, and the care and attention to detail he gives to each project is his calling card.


25 years in Corporate Administration and passionate about studying the Spanish language, You name it, she can do it. 50-year spelling bee champ, fire juggler, skillful bookkeeper, and all the other things that keep us moving and grooving.


Team lead, and mid-day break instigator. Adept at keeping balls in the air (and her mouth), and knowing just when to relax.

Controlled Chaos

Projects Gone ZigZag

Happy Clients

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